MFW 12

Here are my favorite look from Milan Fashion Week 12 🙂   Advertisements


It was my look yesterday for my friend’s wedding ^^

SHooooo SHoez!

                    Christian Loubies Charlotte Olympia       I was planning to check the shoes for my sister’s wedding but then it turned out… Continue reading

Prada Runway Spring 2013

Damn, Prada, you make my heart beats faster !

To you and only you…

To you, the only you that come cross to my mind from time to time .. I meet ordinary people and talk to them Laugh with them, just like usual, without any thoughts.… Continue reading

Sweet morning call

It is such a blissful moment for me as i got a morning call from my friend that he would bring me the sweet treat from Japan !!!! I love love love the… Continue reading

Good Night

Good night and sleep tight xx

Sane of Molly : Vienna Fashion Week !

oh… our beloved Sane Of Molly fashion show in Vienna Fashion Week 2012 How marvelous they are !

That XX on Prada Shoes

Hi, i think this post should be my random topic ( for me ?!? ) The thing is i got a huge interest in men fashion and there is one muse that i… Continue reading

Breakfast at BKK Bagel

Today i woke up early for something, yes something i have been longing for for sometimes… Haha its bagel shop named ” Bkk Bagel ” at Maneeya bldg I had salmon one and… Continue reading