After a long conversation with Nattawut today, there’s one line which is the most profound and meaningful underlying and i’ll make as the quote of the day then…: ” It is your own… Continue reading

As the picture says…

Cheers xxx

finally i can fit in this outfit again

whoaa.. my young celebs again spotted in praew magazine

girl’s best friend

i finally found my long lost lipstick.. which has the same name as my name 🙂  




First and foremost, i have to congratulate my very dear friend Nat for eventually succeed the first step of his life.. It’s been years that you are getting through all the hardship and… Continue reading

Sunday 7 Sept 09

I woke up pretty early today.. 9 ish on the Sunday morning… unusual me as i had a terribly harsh week.. and yesterday i went to many places to take one of my… Continue reading


As I have been writing this journal, I am on the plane flying back from Greece to London. My journey this time is unlike last time in Belgium as the towns I been… Continue reading

No Gut, No Glory!

Glory to Thailand, as having the first medal in Olympic 2008 …. Glory that it is the First Sport Women conquering this hardship…. Glory to me as being a Thai cheers!