totally ripped me off!

Ahhh… I have quite frustrated issue about my trip next week, the thing is I had an early bird booking via for almost two months, which of course, I believe that I… Continue reading

Sure Thing,baby!

Damn, his voice is soooooooooo sexy ! so here on repeats today!  


SSUR unleashed the new collection called ” Channel ” , that is pretty funny to me because many people still misspell the luxury brand from Chanel to Channel from time to time.  … Continue reading

Sushi Etiquette!

you may have no idea how much i am all over Sushi recently, a great craving that I have to go to the sushi place every other day! Most time of my hungry-time,… Continue reading


Nice decoration in toilet!

AAPE x Pepsi

No, I am not a fan of PEPSI, the frizzy drink.. but still, these amazing camo graphic on the blue/green cans totally got my attention! I WANT and LOVE them mucho!!!!  


Today I discover some of the so-cool street wear called TISA, they provide the easy go chilling garments like hoodies, t-shirts, cap but the good thing of all is that they have the… Continue reading

Bigbang Alive tour

Im readyyyyyyyy!!!!

I love it SPIKES!

I wish that i can find one in my size UK4… it is a madness that i cannot even get a chance to try them!

MCM Lover!

Uber cute images from MCM blog… i got to say that i have a big love for MCM, i know that their monogram print may look a bit chav but then again, i… Continue reading