More On ME!

Hi, My name is Goldie, I have been writing this blog since year 2008 but not very active back then since I only blogged when I have free time.

I am  a Thai native, hence, please excuse my English if I happen to make  grammatically errors.

I have a strong interest in fashion, Art and travel. My adrenaline rushes when I see cool, unique and quirky stuff. I would be so proud of myself getting to touch those things before others. I love to be the opinion leader. Things I wrote is not implied my financial statement but my strong opinion towards the value of that particular item. I do not buy everything I see or write. As I always say, money does not grow on tree. I wish it would, but yeah, … life!

My brief information is not that brief, I graduated in Arts Faculty, majoring in French and English.  Then I continued my passion for fashion for Master Degree in London. It seems to be a mega twist in parent’s expectation as they wish that I would not join their career path, working in garment field. However, my life, my rules! My work experience starts during the gap on my BA and MA, I was an intern for Burberry+ Escada, Thailand for approximately 6 months before I flied abroad.  Also, I got a placement in British brand called Darimeya, a vintage street style for about 2 months before I come back to my hometown.I actually supposed to continued another class for Merchandising at LCF but another twist began when they lost my application and my parent + my ex asked me not to go back there. So, I began searching job in Bangkok.  I eventually got a job offer in the world-renowned fashion brand called ZARA.

I worked there as a management trainee for almost a year, then I gave up as I find myself as a sole cheap labor! My health condition got worsen and my life routine was completely a crap. It was totally a madness working for 15 hours as a labor a day… you hear it right, 10 – 15 hours a day without a chance to sit down on the chair.  yeah, their regulation.. with the very narrow vision leader. sorry but i can write about the shit-hole in Zara Thailand for a day or two!

Anyway, I gave up on the so-called best fashion street wear as i found myself learning nothing but a true labor. And now I become a full time officer in multinational company for garments and a blogger? can I call myself as a blogger? no.. I do not know it yet… but yeah. that’s all about me…  If you happen to until this sentence, I am very thankful for sparing time on me. Appreciate!

Contact Detail:

Twitter: Goldiech

Instagram: @Ladygoldie


” I do my thing, and you do your thing,

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations.

You are you and I am I, and If by chance we find each other, its beautiful

If not, it can’t be helped”