Oh my David

Saying that I am a fan for Grafik Plastic will be an understatement, because I am totally a BIG fan of them, really! But sometimes, I want to poke myself for being so absent minded!

Last two week, I had a chance to go to Hong Kong and i was so lucky that i checked my facebook page before boarding time! I found that Grafik Plastic was exhibiting their product in Hong Kong at that time!

I did not hesitate to ask for the further information because i was dying to visit them and i was desperately need to try on their glasses. But still, i was so unlucky enough that all the plan was collapsed because I found out that my Gift Card got problem and I had to hang around the bank for like 5 hours after I landed!

After that, the first day of the trip got crashed and on the second day, my mom got sick and she asked whether it was possible for her to go where she wanted to first. I, of course, agreed to her request and it was already 5 pm so i thought that, okay, i will visit the Hong Kong exhibition hall tomorrow.. but then the next day, I eventually went there, I was so happy to finally get to meet those people from that company! but well, when I entered the hall and all I found was “Wine and Dine” i was like… what happened what happened? then I come to realized that i messed up with the day, the optical show was ended yesterday… and my face turned into >> TT__TT
This is so sad because my mom knows how much I like their designs even that I had to ask my friend to get one for me from South Korea because even if I am a frequent traveler and been to many countries but I never been to South Korea where I most want to go T_T..

Funny thing, even my mom likes their design too, she even took off her flashy Thierry Lasry shades and wore my tri colors David for snap the pics!

However, now, this morning, i checked on Grafik Plastic shades and I found their new products which will take away my money ( again ). I believe that this collection is derived from the boom of Mirror shades from VB.  Still, they are very cute and the color combination is in a breezy tone. check out the pictures below:


All the pictures credited to “Grafik Plastic Blog”