The Goddess Device + Skin Care!

“I think women should respect their faces like they respect their Louboutins,” Dr. Planté said

This is not an understatement, it is a real fact that we, all women, should strictly follow regardless of money and power.

This blog is initially started by my will to express my Self and my perspective on fashion. However, I think at this moment my own self
has been changed over the year and my perspective on my own body is developed .
I used to be a very very ignorant on my body or face, I do not care about what to put on face. Thanks to my inherit gene, I have a very fair skin ( yellowish kind of way ) so it is quite a positive thing in a tropical country like in Thailand, where I live at the moment.
Thailand is a country where most of their population yearns to have a whiter skin, you can see lots and lots of Whitening product on the market. Furthermore, this is the country where white people will be classified as a rich (?) and beautiful. So I, as an Chinese-ethic, am pretty lucky to be born here.

Since I was young, I do not really care about my hygiene specially on the facial area. I do not wear sun block even I had to stay under the strong UV during afternoon break for like 2 hours for at least.

I hate applying facial cream to keep my skin hydrate, even I were in the freezing cold country in UK.

My skin type is so sensitive that i can get the rash day after day, and the only thing I apply is some steroid cream that get my rash away within the next morning. It is a magical cream, tho!

I always partied hard after the hard work, drink, smoke like a chimney everyday. Sleep less than 4 hours every day for years, Caffeine intake is a habit and Junk Food is my realm. And Until the age of 26, it comes to an end

Now, I realize that my skin is really really bad, I was suffering from the chronic use of steroid which is the hardest thing to break up with.
Junk Food and over supplied food from my mom, I gained 10 Kgs over years. My body cannot take it anymore, it is even hard to breathe and my face, … horrible.
However, I started to make a change, I changed my diet, try to avoid carb and meat, and change to Fish and Nut.

I start exercising because it is the only way to descend my weight loss. Sleep more and drink more water.

At the moment, I realize that my face needs a remedy. I started with the facial mask, natural tools of course.
Then, I use Oatmeal to clean my face, Why? it is cheap, hella cheap and it is good to your face! it helps exfloriating your skin. You can use it daily after make up remover.

I apply the Yogurt to my face every night in order to make the face smoother and whiter ( seriously, I got a lot of dark spot from a very bad digested mechanic )

And I found a very very good skin care product called “Sulwashoo”

its super expensive but it worth my money! My face cannot tolerate La Mer, L a Prairie or even Estee Lauder. My skin is against European Brands.
Sulwashoo is a prestige brand from Korea, why I choose Korean brand? Of course, I got a very high inspiration from Korean drama! Their skin is flawless! I mean it, Flawless!

I have been using Sulwashoo for a year already and i have to admit that I am glad that I finally found them, I use the basic line + Hydroaid line because I got a lot of problem with the dehydrated face when the weather changes.

But still, I have been searching for something that really make me get the best of the skin care, and i found Clarisonic!
It is sooooooo GOOD! I can feel it, if you are not selling, then i am saying this to you, it is a device that makes you feel like you gonna turn your skin back to your early age. it helps your skin super soft like an ass of the toddler! Really, i mean it.

I cannot feel it at first week, but for the second week time, it starts!

I cannot see the result from the mirror yet but the feeling when you touch your own skin, you can definitely feel that this device cleans your pore deeply and make your skincare absorbs into the face.

I have been using few products like Dr. Sebagh for exfloriating mask, it is good to the area of my face that they dont do break out. But I cannot afford myself to get another break out so i rather stop.

Until early this month, i decided not to wait the Clarisonic from US but just get them in the over priced price from Hong Kong instead.

I have to say, This is a darn good advice and I am so lucky to find them! And Sulwashoo, of course! these two combinations are just so gooooood and I never love my skin this much before!





I am the one on the orange dress on the right.

I hope this could be an inspiration to any of you

Love xx