totally ripped me off!

Ahhh… I have quite frustrated issue about my trip next week, the thing is I had an early bird booking via for almost two months, which of course, I believe that I must have a good fair because during the end of the year, the hotel rate should be pumped up very high due to the festive ( which also implied to the flight fee ) but since I have free time and nothing to bother, I go back to check at the hotel rate again on the website and i found that the price I had already purchased with non refundable is HELLA HIGHER that the current rate itself for about 100 USD!

This is too shocking to me because normally, i would not do the early booking either the non refundable booking since my work is unpredictable T___T damn, i feel so ripped off!!!! Those 100 USD can be trashed about by upgrading to the super superior bedroom instead!!!!!


And the reason I did the booking in advance is totally useless!!! Last few months, I did not do the early booking for the hotel in Europe and all the nice hotel are all gone! Man!!! Life is too Unpredictable, and it totally remind me of the stocks I just invested T_T


Or it is not really my month !?!??!?!