SSUR unleashed the new collection called ” Channel ” , that is pretty funny to me because many people still misspell the luxury brand from Chanel to Channel from time to time.


This one, i am not very sure whether it could be as hit as “Comme des Fuck Down” or not since “Channel” concept is too similar to the knock off one.

When I come to mention about ” Comme des Fuck Down”, i was like… oh, you are so lucky that the Korean Idol as G Dragon from Big Bang wear them. Because since the beginning, i think this brand is kinda cool ( i slightly ahead of his public photo revealed ) but when GD wears them, most of the Asian people goes crazy after!


That is funny to me but it should be a sad story for the designer since the price tag of those garments are not high ( let’s say 35 – 50 USD as i mentioned in the very old blog of mine ) but there are LOTS of counterfeit in the market ( esp. in the concert area, oh and it happen to be the world tour! duh! )

Please do not get me wrong, i totally understand how the fans react to their idols and want to be represented their image as their idol but well, the seller keeps producing the knock off and sell it off in the market is very sad story to the designer!


Anyway, See the new sarcastic collection from SSUR here!