That XX

Yeah, that XX is a new single from G-Dragon, South Korean Singer/leader from Big Bang…

I have to admit that at the very beginning, i feel like the sound of this song is not really my cup of tea but then as usual, i love seeing his fashion so i keep repeat the music video to check out his new items hehehe .. seriously, i love his style and his style is most parallel to my blog content, and that is period!
This time, in his mv is not spammed with Chrome Hearts ( not like the former one, one of a kind , that MV is a madness : Chrome Hearts including the mv set, Thom Browne and Chanel.. never seen a man with so much Chanel before ) but something like new experiment for him… Anyway, i’m not here to speak about this fashion now.. but his song..


Until now i still do not understand the story of this Music Videio nor the lyric but I just could not stop listening to this song repeatedly.. i have been listening to the song itself for like hundreds times by now.. the sound of the guitar is so nice and his vocal is SO DAMN GOOD! and yeah, the lyric itself which combines the English …. just so good..  overall, i just want you guys to check out this MV…. love love love