Since i have been MIA for a week, i’m sure that i have something fun to show or tell you guys! I was selected to be a Thai Representative together with the famous celebrity, DJ Poom to go competing in the Hong Kong Super Shopper 2012 with other 8 countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, Mainland China, Singapore and etc etc.

To tell you the fact, i did not really expect to be chosen nor to win this competition, my confidence is beneath ZERO!  I was even question myself whether what i have done!?!?

HA HA HA, however, i got quite a push from my parents to give it a try ( since when i was only the last 15 candidates to get an interview for this event, as i was a bit lazy to wake up early Saturday morning to see the disappointment )  However, I eventually got selected , whooo.. but that’s not it.

The day before i started the journey, i was still nerve wrecking since i told you that i had beneath zero confidence to interact with the cameras, however, i managed to get blurry start and went on.. It was truly lucky that I got a very motivated partner ( in crime ), Dj Poom  who is so confident in whatever he is seeing. His saying is true, the obstacle are made to face! so yeah, we started off our journey with our theme that the broken-heart friend ( sorry i cannot remember the hella long name ) and we were given like 10,000 HKD credit on the visa card and 2,000HKD cash + pre-paid credit iphone!

We planned quite an interesting itinerary of which including the helicopter ride + private yacht trip for the sunset. That sounds so WOW ( yes, even me myself, i wow cuz i scared my ass off the height !!! GDM! ) anyway, it was fun experience though to meet new people and doing some CRAZY stuffs like that. If it was me alone, i would not choose the high ride! ugh!

One of the beyond expectation thing is that we happened to use the least budget amongst the competitors! Seriously, who would have though that the helicopter ride + shopping + Private Yacht + fine dining and Nightlife would cost us around 9k ish only!

( well, we have to give the big thanks to Hong Kong Yachting for the HUGE bargain to us )

Last but not least, we were the winner!!!!! yehh, our team won 200,000 HKD visa credit to spend globally. How cool is that!!!!!