Lazy Oaf x Batman

With the reign of Super Hero movies at the moment, I found so many cool fashion brands are emerging the comical prints with their fashion trends. However, there are few that I do admire, Lazy Oaf is one of them, of course.

With the Batman x Lazy Oaf, the designer can pull the collection off with the mono batman sign printing, especially with the black fabric.

Price: yeh, this is also the same story, the price point is not high, okay, it might be a little bit high compared to the average high street but hey, 45 – 70 quids are not that bad, don’t you think?

Quality: as i am not in London and I have yet ordered these collection, i can say nothing about the quality but well, since the price is not that high high, so it should be okay!

So here are the Lazy Oaf look-book



Lastly, this beanie is one of my favorite!!!!