Sneaker Wedge?!?

Well, it is a fact that i have a strong obsession over Isabel Marant on Sneaker Wedge and it seems like I have been observing around that these types of shoes will become ” MUST HAVE ” items sooner or later.

The strong point of them are that

1. they help you look taller? yes, of course taller and help enhancing your look even you wear the sneaker! Of course,  it is a heighten-sole is commonly used in Asia, esp in Korean. for making their image look taller even you are on ordinary shoes. But these obvious wedge sneakers could help you look even taller like you are in heels!


2. They are fashionable, Sneakers are back,yo! a neon rave is back why  aren’t 70s’? yes, you can see a lot of fashionista bring back the era of american-high skool outfit and the boom of cartoon/comic graphics have been used in fashion prints these days.

3. Since i have been to Europe and London lately, i found that there are people wearing them. All the high street brands like Topshop, River Island, Jeffrey Campbell or even Liberty!

well, for now, i can think of only 3 points but arent they enough to convince you for these shoes? well, you see the pictures below and you will fall like me!