Years ago, I had a chance to buy Louis Vuitton x Murakami for Camo Speedy Print products, but i was like, NO! i’m not gonna buy those ugly stuffs like that… Now, years back then, I was desperately looking for those ugly collection and finally found out that the camo keep all bag has been skyrocket to over 3000 USD! WTF!!! T__T

It was really sad to realize the gem i had in hand, now I am so into the forever-ever-and-ever camouflage and safari inspired. They are just too cool not to neglect, especially those one with the customized blazer.

awww, look here, not only men could pull it off, look below, the ladies could pair up with their frilled skirt or even sweetest outfit!

I would die regret if I cannot find the best one by this season!!!