Grafik Plastic in my arms!!!!

After long-await, i finally get to touch one of the coolest and most-functional spec, Grafik Plastic !!!!!

With the help of many people around ( my sis who happened to go to Seoul for her biz-trip and Grafik Plastic’s staff, TK Lee ), these ill spec are in my arms,yeh!

I chose the DAVID with sunny shades with yellow flame and legs + additional temples in NAVY and RED as i got my childhood’s toy memoir “LEGO” See how it goes in my pictures!

I have to say, they are absofxnglutely worth the wait, they fit my ( round ) face perfectly and the great thing i love is that this brand is rare in my country, unlike SUPER or Tierry Lasry that already sit in the face of  most people here.


Price: Affordable ( well, if you could afford SUPER/Ray band or Prada, you can absolutely afford these shades )

Valuable: Well, as it is yet claimed as the best but it surely get the awarded from Red Dot, then, why not?  The greatest part of these shades are their functions, the temple can be changed upon your appetite ( various colors provided) which can be fit perfectly with each model.


You can choose whatever color to spice up your daily outfit, like me, choosing red and navy temple to get along with the yellow flame which will pull out my youth! B )

CONS: Grafik Plastic yet ship internationally.. but hopefully SOON in June,12