WibWabWub WubWUbWuB 2

Hi guys, last weekend, I post about the glitter tattoo brand called WibWabWub, now I got further info from the brand itself * yehhh *


This brand is designed by Praewa  ( แพรวา จิรประวัติ ณ อยุธยา ) and her product is the designated tattoo with the various offered of the glitter’s colors themselves! You can mix and match the colors onto the template design and place it on which ever part of your body.. hmmm… interesting,eh?

Sadly, they do not have the brick and motar store yet and you cannot just grab one and do it at home.  However, WibWabWub will surely crash the cool parties and events so you should better prepare for that, this team is pretty AWESOME!

Price point: Affordable, the price per each design is varied from 200 – 250 Baht ( 4- 5 quids ), the price is really depending on your requirement ( how many color you need per one glitter.. some sort like that )


Lets see more of their photos!


Pictures credit to http://www.facebook.com/wibwabwub