WibWabWub WubWUbWub

Good Morning, everyone 🙂 Today I try to find my new inspiration for my project .. I got quite a lot of thinking these days whether which target audience I should focus on.. as I show some of them to my friend and what she said was like..ohhh.. you wanna sell it to the kiddo? and I was like… hmmm… actually I want to target to the teenagers who have a passion for street-wear. But anyway, I randomly found this new brand… I think they got quite a lot of inspiration by tumblr and Instagram. Really… but it is quite interesting to see something new not only for clothes or bag. but it is temporary glitter tattoo. They are cute.. but I do not know the price yet as I cannot find any info at all except their facebook page. This brand is  WibWabWub… yeah.. the sounding is like wubwubwub from the dub step,eh?


So here you go… seeing their work… if any of you interest for more info, I will try to find out and provide you later..