Year Zero goes Hero!

It has been 2 years ish since I left London but from time to time, i come back to think of some quirky brand that situated in the little off Carnaby street. I had been thinking hard for their name but could not come up until my great sister sent me the list of the shop and yeah, I found them!

It is Year Zero London, their tiny store which display so many cool stuffs like accessories and the brand name bag which been customized for many graphic art like Spongebob or Sesame Street. I have to tell that I LOVE them much but at that time, I was in a truly dilemma whether to let them do anything on my brand name bag.. and of course, those thing would last a lifetime.. at the end, I dare not to despite the fact that my ex offered me to pay for… but helloooo.. their design is as high as my LV… anyway, I come to thinking again that for me, I love to have something so unique and so ME… and wishing that no one would repeat the style, so why not?!? Imma bring one of the bag and let them do the customization this year!


So before then, I will post some of their ” KICK ASS” design and let you see why this brand is still in my head for over 3 years now!


Nicki Minaj




Chloe Green ( a daughter of the legend Topshop’s empire, Philip Green)




Brief Info:

Year Zero London created three years ago by Louise Michielsens, Rocky Mazzilli and Tatum Mazzilli; not just a brand, but an inspiration and a store in the Carnaby Street area.

In their view, objects that are synonymous with luxury are turned into pop artworks featuring patterns, graffiti and slogans. An ironic creativity that moves to the music, strictly Made in London.

37 Beak Street
Soho, London W1F 9RZ, United Kingdom

020 7734 7727