After few months that IKEA, a mega one stop shop for stylish and affordable furniture, opened in Bangkok, Thailand ( finally ! ) My family and I decided to crash the place since IKEA was too crowded with people earlier!  Well, IKEA here is no different from other IKEA, it is ENORMOUS and FULL of furniture ( yeh, right ) 

anyway, we did not get stuff much as my mom states that ” no more furniture shopping ” since the major floods happened in Thailand last year… So, what I actually got from this time is only the decorated sticker 




Whilst my mom got like hundred of curtain fabric which she will transform to her ” outfit ” lets see… I do not know whether they will work but those prints are pretty awesome! I do not have the pic here as she took them all 😦


So guys, if you wanna crash IKEA in Bangkok, I suggest you to spare a whole day for it cuz there is also a new launched department store sits in the same area of IKEA and even connected the place!


The mall I mentioned was MEGA Bangna, its the BIGGEST department store in SE by now! Check ittttt!