Another Rich of Joy, Joyrich ( 2 )

Hi guys,

Today I come up with some stuffs I supposed to review on the blog for few weeks but I somehow busy my ass off working on my laziness -___-‘

These items are Kewttttttt and of course, they are from Joyrich 🙂 very colorful and sporty look! but too bad, they are not practical in my current city, BKK!

Bangkok is sizzling hot, man!!! This is my second year staying in Bangkok during my tweenage! in the past, I often wondered when i got a call from mom and complained that she almost got blacked out during the summer time.

Anyway, have a look here, they are AWESOME!

Price: the price is quite high but as I never have a chance to touch their garment so I’d better get my mouth zipped 😛

But I highly recommend you to grab them whilst their promotional campaign starts 🙂

Value : If you are a streetwear talker, I would recommend you to give them a try! Joyrich pieces are quite easy to pair with your ordinary outwear Or even better when you can match with the Joyrich themselves.