Today I come up with something not-so-new but some brand that sounds like the RETURN of BOY! This brand offers an edgy style with the monogram print.

The interesting thing of wearing their clothes is that ” how to match Boy with Boy, like how to dress from head-to-toe with their monogram print! ”

Some may have seen from Rihanna’s MV or when she was out on street, she wears Boy top matching with Boy flared skirt and even top with Boy trucker hat! that’s awesome!!

Brief Info:

This brand has been started since 1977. Their shop was in the various part of the heart of London, like in Shoreditch or Kings Road. The founder of BOY is Stephane Raynor.

Price:  Affordable!!! (30 quids to 60 quids )

Style: Fashionable Punk!

Who wears them: Andy Warhol, Madonna, Rihanna, Jessie J and many more.

Now, you can even find them in Selfridges or Urban Outfitter!

Pictures credit to : leavetheboyalone.com