Dip Dyed/ Partly Dyed or Just Dyed!

From the music festival, Coachella 2012 that is more like a fashion week because the event itself brings all the fashionista/ bloggers that come to compete one another with the killer styles!!

One thing that we see is the hair trends ( which actually starts since last year ) but hey, i think it is still on! The hair color are so vibrant! many goes for Mint blue, pink or dip dyed!

Personally, I am all into the pink and dip dyed pastel, so this morning i was browse over and over how to do it on my own. And of course, i found some interesting products and picture reference. I must say, i cannot wait to try! but the difficult part is that i got a very dark hair color and it would not be easy to pull it off like the blonde’s one!

What do you think?

Anyway, here are the product reference that you may find on Ebay or Amazon



3. Color Bug by Kevin Murphy

4. Pastels, yes that Pastels Crayon!!