Very French Gangsters!

To all the Fashionista Mommy, this article may help you find new toys to coordinate your super cool kids!

An absolute new optical brand from France called ” Very French Gangsters” which recently established and claimed to be the first specialized brand of children’s eye-wears. To admit the fact, i am not sure whether it is really the first or not but they surely offer the killer shades for kids, really!

At the moment, they have 3 collections called “very boss” , “very bombe” and “very pan pan”  These collections are like the minimized version of adult’s spectacle . The shape of these shades are very modern and fashionable with the various color swatches offers.

And well, the price is quite something as well. The prices are varied from 149 to 169 euros. ( $200 – $250 )  Not really cheap but hey, nothing comes free!

Also, Very French Gangsters offer both prescription glasses and sunglasses for the kids aged between 3 to 10 years old.

My personal idea, I think they should make their second line as Very French Mothers, similar glasses for mommy or even daddy in order to match the glasses with the kids, why not? there are many Lanvin kids, Chirstian dior baby and many more do it!

Or another line, if they can make it under the same company umbrella, it should be a very cool clothing for the kids as well.

Picture here below:

I am very impress with the editorial pictures, very KICK GANGSTERS!

Where to shop: France


Brief Information:

The founder of Very French Gangsters are Karoline BOTHOREL-BOLZINGER  and Anne MASANET. ( French )

These two ladies are the expert of children-wear and glasses addicted.

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