Comme des Fuck Down!

Comme des F*ck Down, yeah, you hear it right!

we are not making any prank on the Japanese brand, Comme des Garcon,eh!?

Anyway, the brand itself has nothing much, but their logo itself which draw the attention to many people and the endorser, A$AP mob who pave the way for this brand with the famous beanie.

Comme des F*ck Down’s clothing line is not much yet, they have one plain garments with the logo on or their highlight accessories which are their beanies, could be seen in many DJs.

Strength: Price point! their price ranges from 20ish to 60 USD . With this price point, the brand can be accessible from various target group range!

Weakness: Lack of Variety!


Brief Information:

Russ Karablin, a designer who takes care of this brand are also run  SSUR and Caviar Cartel. Furthermore, Comme des Fuckdown is not new, the brand has been established for 8-10 years already but was put in a hold. At that time, the brand was made between the bond of Russ Karablin and Jamie Story… well let me say it easily, this brand is reborn in 2012 after a few years break, however, the logo itself proves their eternity!