Bottega Veneta : Initialize your BAG!

Ladies, we all know that we, people, like to bag-bitch from one another!

We all want to have the coolest style, the unique accessories and be distinctive from others!

Well, Bottega Veneta, a long history luxury brand can answer you all that! Firstly, we must talk about Bottega Veneta’s core product is their leather, a very soften skin which form in minimal style yet stylish.

But today, after Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Prada and many other brands give a chance to their customers to do the customized design through their imagination on their products, Bottega Veneta is like-wise, now opens for the customer to carve their Initial Name on various product lines, like Belt, Hand Bag, purse, cosmetic bag, or messenger bag.

But the distinctive point i want to point out is that, you can do it ONLINE! which is very easy for customer globally, unlike Goyard!

Last time, I dropped by at Goyard, Hong Kong to ask if I can bring my used bag to do the paint, they said yes, but it is necessary that i have to fly back to HK and get the goods myself! UGH! I might be crazy doing that but the money don’t grow on tree! so yeah, I’d rather skip that… I might try again when I visit London branch mid year.

Firstly, you go to their website:

and you will see the picture below and they ask you to insert your initial name : 3 letters… but mine is only two so, here we go: GD

Right after you insert your initial name, your name will be on the various bag like below picture:

You can see that they give you a bundle of pictures to see how it looks, and you can just choose which product you like best with your initial name then you can proceed the next step by choosing the colors of each characters.

Then after you confirm the product, you can add this bag to the shopping bag and go ahead to do another OR you just proceed the payment. That’s it, super easy! And it takes about 8 – 12 weeks to receive the product.

Strength: Easy to do it on your own and in whichever part of the world you reside!

Weakness: you cannot choose the font characters, no graphic provided  like Goyard or Louis Vuitton