Today i might should a little Hip Hopish as i will do the review about my new back pack bag 🙂

The bag is one of the item that I got from my latest trip, HK, well, i used to tell myself never to touch

this brand as their typical monogram print may make you feel like Chav, however, after I got a brainwashed

from K-Pop ( yeah.. I know ), this brand must be one of my bag collection mmmwahHAHA!

The brand i mentioned long is MCM, i was so in dilemma between the big size or the small one as the price gap is soooo tiny, If the big bag pack bag has an unaffordable price then i could retreat without hesitation but it is small to the point that, you don’t really give a sh*t about the price tag  but the function of the bag instead.

For the big bag, if you are a guy or traveler, you may find it very useful as you can at least pack your laptop+ipad / ipod and few of your stuffs

Whilst the tiny one is so small, you can only keep your purse, your compact camera, lipstick and mobile, that’s all,

Oh and one thing you should be reminded is that the bag itself is made of canvas but still remarkable weight on!

Despite the fact that i am quite a globe-trotter ( mostly, for a business trip ), i still choose the smaller bag as it is not quite appropriate to go meeting with this neon color bag ( *shy* ) and i feel like it is nice to go the mall with this bag on. Lucky me, in our country, this brand is not really their cup of tea. Teenagers would most likely go for Classic Chanel, City Balenciaga, PS1 from Proenza Schouler, Prada and on..  Here people are not really into Streetwears but much of a Vintage, Girlish and Classic instead.

Okay, i am off to let you see the bag it is..

I will reveal the inside store of MCM later … ❤