Esh To the Kay

Dear y’all,

Finally i got a chance to do my annual trip to H to the K, Hong Kong for the year 2012.

This year, i didn’t have much time to wander around as we shorten the trip into 3 days 2 nights instead. Also, it was raining like cat and dog! ugh! hate it!!! I seriously had a talk with my mom that we have to change the time schedule for next trip onwards, we could not take the rain anymore!!!

However, this time, the trip is quite short + rain, so we mostly went to the place that we actually wanted to go :((( i missed chance to even step in Harbor City + Yong Kee, our fav food place.. however, we made it to the Peninsular for C.H. and Central for MCM * Yeah *

Oh one thing that has to be mentioned, it is the superb yogurt ice cream, i love love love it best in HK! their taste is so natural yogurt like, unlike most other brands that got a strong sweeten taste, this brand is called YOPPI! it is originated in USA.

I once tried this ice cream last time (feb, 2011 ) and i was like OH MY GOD, its so SNOG from UK!! I could not help but feel so lucky that i was just finding my way to the WC in Kowloon Tong mtr and just found this ice cream shop right opposite the wc entrance !

And after that we found them again when i went back to the Central station for our lunch at Luk YU Tea House ( I don’t recommend this tea house, really ).. Yoppi, this year round, i found so many of you, unlike early last year that you were so rare! Hooray! I will def. come back to this Ice Cream place!!! love their flavor yogurt ( lychee and natural )  and also the variety topping which included FRESH Strawberry! cool! other yogurt place offers the preserve one, yukK!  one more thing i wish they could have added in their menu is the soften Mochi and Red Bean paste! it would be awesome to have them altogether! awww… i wish i could go back to HK right about now!