Terrific Grafik Plastic

Hi there, its been a while…

Anyway, i am hereby to show you one of the new new new fashion optical brand from Korean named Grafik Plastic. To admit the fact that they capture my interesting from my first seen at TOP on fubu ads. but still I again shot them on G-Dragon, specially that he wore the yellow ones, which is my current fav color.!!!

i was like, hey! which brand was that! they obviously have a glimpse of Cutler and Gross, but still at the legs of the shades are bigger and more plastic like. then i randomly found some evidence on the random blog! thank you!

I am like OH MY GOD! i love how these glasses function, specially that how the legs can be changed! Of course, to those wearing optics are often get bored on their glasses and want to change the styles from each of your garments to another. These brand, Grafik Plastic can offer you the best choice as you can adjust how you like your glasses to be and you do not need to buy that many shades to serve your fashion appetite! ( obviously,to me, i think it is 🙂 )

But the dislike point is that they can be bought only in KOREA at the moment, i highly hope that they will open online shop for the worldwide client soon enough as we are so hungry for these shades! Really!

Here check how cool they are… i am sure to grab one if i set my foot in Korea!!!!!


with my so much love on you