Fantastic Baby

I cannot remember whether i have already posted these pictures or not, the scarves from cool collaboration between Hermes x Kongo which were recently revealed!.

But until i saw my current favorite boy band, ( i know i know, that sound lame,innit?!? but their music is pretty cool and their styles are superb!!!, REALLY! ) have them fixed these scarves into their biker jacket!!! mannnn, i loveeeeee… i can see that their coordinator have been using varied street arts fabric material plus using an ultra fabulous accessories sourced globally, UK for most. Really, you have to check their outfits!!!

They mainly go for Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gautier, Mcqueen, Loubies Chrome Hearts, Keith Harring, Ambush, Balmain, Joyrich, etc etc and etc.


Fantastic Baby