Girls, the things you learn/read and repost from online media are not imply that you are fashion guru, you are just faster than others. Fashionable outfits you wear does not mean that you look good on them nor you initialize them, you just have money to spend on. Somehow, you are just in a nano part of a global fashion but don’t claim youself as a trend leader unless you have your own statement.

Well, i have been seeing Thai Bloggers just keep posting the pictures of the new trendsssssss and yeah, some earns money from their popularity that well recieved from their fans.

But hey, you should not claim yourself as an initiator of that particular items when i see that you just copy one of the global’s high street, yes high street brand like Top Shop which, of course, we all know that the giantic British fast retailer uses the disgn from the big name brand again… This is very insulting to those followers. Too bad, the followers seemlessly care about as those fancy and so called ” design” from that particalar bloggers are worn by many celebrities …. This is very sad!