a WOW shout outta me!

Well, today i am a bit lazy on my daily burden as many of my colleagues are on their holiday!.. well, this month should be actually hella busy as we are in the process of the production! but well, my oversea colleagues might have a little too much holidays off their calendars so most of them who live in Italy, Germany and Hong Kong are on their absence! and at the end of this week, i will have mine too!!!! then the 2 week after that it would be a turn for my Far East’s , which will be their festive week after a Ramadan period.

However, these piccies help me through today’s boredom, you guys should have a look!

First, I thought it was only ladies who are worried over their size-matter! but hey, i guess i might be wrong! here is a size enhanced thongs for guys! Eeww

Second, this is a pictures from CNNGo.com/Hongkong

well, I know we, all women believe that we are different and hate being bothered from the outsider to judge us. but hey! this is a little too much, don’t you think?

So I guess i might not be the only one who feel that way and always paranoid to those doing these kinds of activity on the transportation ( even If I am a very light traveler here in Bangkok )

So there it is, a simply rules or aka ” BEGGING” you please do it at home signage for la la la ladiesss!

Finally, the last picture of the epic series, ” Two and a half man” which will make a come back without a super emotional breakdown star , Charlie Sheen, but with Ashton Kutcher! weeeheww! I could not wait to see you after a long ass ” that 70s’ show! ”

I know you would make a stunning come back to this show!

Bye for now y’all