A forbidden sense arises the Sales?

Tadaaa!! Is this editorial page familiar to you ?!? If no, there you go with this picture below…..


Voila! yes, they both give the strong sense of the same designer in two different brands… yes, it’s Tom Ford’s creativity, the former Gucci’s creative director aka Gucci’s iconic.

Some might wonder why many a designer have to utilize sexual imagery in their adverts. Well, for some reason, we have to admit that ” Sex Sells”.

Yes, the concept is absobloodylutely true…  Each individual in whatever nation it is somewhat concerns or relates to this particular issue in every day life in spite of the fact that the sex things are most forbidden issues in the society.

However, we have to admit the fact that, the more secretive, the more attractive.  Right, this is the main reason why most of the fashion designers always employ sexual message in most of the adverts to their audiences as a means to stimulate the interaction which leads to drive the sales.

Here are some more pictures from Tom Ford: