The new-about-to-release documentary film,Tabloid of which the name is alone interesting enough to draw attention to the audiences as people’s instinct is eager/yearn to know what the others’ best secrets and scandals. The worse, The better.. However, the sole reason I mention this particular film in my blog just because I like the color way and how they use the protagonists to narrate the story lines and continue the film with the help of abundant pictures + headlines news. Those options are a great help to assist the audiences to follow the situations easily.


Synopsis: The salacious adventures of a beauty queen with an IQ of 168, whose single-minded devotion to the man of her dreams leads her on a labyrinthine crusade for love. Down a surreal rabbit hole of kidnapping, masochistic Mormons, risque photography, magic underwear, celestial sex, jail time and a cloning laboratory in South Korea, Joyce’s fantastic exploits were constant headlines.


Written and Directed By: Errol Morris

Cast: Joyce McKinney, Jackson Shaw, Peter Tory, Troy Williams, Kent Gavin, Dr. Hong

Opens: July 15, 2011