Spectacular Spectacles!

Hey y’all,

This might be quite late to reveal the new MUST HAVE spectacles to you, all fashionistas. Well, of course, I have seen these shades for quite awhile but try not to think of them as I just had spoiled myself excessively these few months ( Man, it’s a bloody mid year sales!!!!!) However, these little minimal baroque, PRADA S/S11 could not get out of my obsessive mentality and I’m trying my very best to get them before it gone !!! So there you go, with few piccies :



Seriously, the shades themselves could last a lifetime as you can sense a glimpse of minimal yet quirky design on them. And yes, these little  thing comes rare but not with an extravagant price-tag as you may perceive.

Ladies, I am very certain that you will stand in a limelight once they are on you! it’s A MUST!


Cheers xxx