First and foremost, i have to congratulate my very dear friend Nat for eventually succeed the first step of his life.. It’s been years that you are getting through all the hardship and tear.. but yeah, today you get your very first degree and i am so proud of you, mate! Sorry i cannot be there by your side like you did on mine.. but yeah.. love you xx

and yeah today is 5 of Oct 09.. i got few days left in my beloved second home, London.. despite the rough week, still i am very pleased and appreciate all the concerns from my true friends.. thank you for your support and consolation.. “Muah” …

On Friday, me and the gang went to Sassi Signor / Signor Sassi , Knightbridge for dinner.. it was my second time there but truly enjoy my appetite for the good food there.. it worths every penny ( though their uber expensive service charge and 20 quids for 4 bottles of water!) and then we headed to Maddox for the night, however, we gave up after seeing the long and unwelcome queue.. therefore,we went to one  of your posse’s room for a drink .. tipsy of course 555… we tried Grand Moet which i still cannot distinguish the differences between Moet/Pink Moet or Grand Moet 55 except for the price … but anyway, it was a pleasant evening and i did enjoy a lot

On Saturday, i have a guest from B’ham.. We strolled around London … i should be a tour leader somehow.. hahah i like taking people around because i enjoy the freezing breeze of London and the loving scenery!.. i love showing people the hot places and providing them a good food.. hahahha .. what else would you need?? yeah, we been to many places.. most of my fav places actually.. i never get tired of walking to and from those places and seeing the changing environment and people..  i feel like this is my home.. 555.. i never walked around town in Bkk anyway.. and yeah, we ended up at Bond street and i thanked him by Tripple Choco from Ben’s cookie * new branch ! * and very please when it turns out to be his new fav must have  :))

Today, i woke up quite late .. so i ditched on Maid of Honour Afternoon Tea.. and switched to Cliche coffee at Starbucks before heading to Temple. i feel great for going there as this is my second times.. i do not want to go to the temple during the important day like Songkran day… it’s dull , flood of people showing up just to meet and show off to their friends.. but yeah.. i went there today with my peeps.. feel terrific.. after that we were abt to head to Westfields but yeah.. the traffic was bad and we couldnt make it in time so we changed to go back to my place before GoldMine 555.. love it.. we ordered 9 dishes for 4 ppl.. and ended up the same old  thingss… i am too full to sleep.. ha ha ha.. but very enjoy my fav Mabo Tofu and Fried rice with salted fish hehhehe… love xxx