Sunday 7 Sept 09

I woke up pretty early today.. 9 ish on the Sunday morning… unusual me as i had a terribly harsh week.. and yesterday i went to many places to take one of my dearest friend’s mother to travel around london.. hmm.. shopping venue to be specific!! It was quite a day as i started off to pick her up at Notting Hill Gate’s place and we took the bus to Brompton road and yeah.. strolled around that vicinity for shopping , of course! then we went to Harrods for retail therapy 5 5 5… and accidently met up with friends.. seriously, i rarely go to Harrods because of the enormous number of people.. ( i bow to Yellow not Green, sorry:P)  and yeah we took a break at La duree and again met friends..and after that we headed to Kings Road for the UK well-known restaurant, Big Easy.. it was  seriously big.. i mean the amount of the food on each plate!

I was sooo craving for the dessert but .. look at how big each plate were!! ( we were having two appetizers before main one!)

and Today, we went to Royal China, Queensway.. damn!!!  there was a bloody long queue.. but luckily, p’ Oak went there early to queue for us.. otherwise, we will have to end up at Gold mine or Four Season (again!) ..

some of our order…

and after that we headed to Selfridges…

and we went to have a cuppa at the famous creperie at Davies street

and yeah thats it for today

ps: i finally got my babyboo these tees:))